Mike Disfarmer. In America: Soul of a People, 1939-1946.

Opening: Jueves, 5 de mayo - 19.30-21.30h.

Calle Lope de Vega, 29. Madrid.

Descargar Nota de Prensa Disfarmer Untitled, (Three young men arms crossed one in overalls two in white collered shirts), 1939-46.jpg Disfarmer Untitled, (standing couple with hands at sides woman in checkered dress man with hat), 1939-46.jpg Disfrmer Two Young Boys, One in Overalls, 1939-46.jpg Disfarmer Three Men, Two with Fedoras, 1940s.jpg Untitled, (Family of five children in center of portrait mothers eyes looking down), 1939-46.jpg From the Heber Springs Portraits (man and boy with arms at sides) 1940s.jpg DisfarmerUntitled, (sad mother with four girls), 1939-46.jpg Disfarmer Young Man in Hat and White Shirt, 1939-46.jpg Disfarmer Untitled, (two women with arms around each other one in polka-dot dress one floral), 1939-46.jpg Disfarmer Untitled, (two girls sitting, boy standing holding a baby), 1939-46.jpg Disfarmer Untitled, (seated woman with three children- one at each side and baby on lap is blurred), 1939-46.jpg Disfarmer Untitled, (Mother and father with daughter, serious facial expressions), 1939-46.jpg Disfamer Young Man in a Sailor Cap, 1939-1946.jpg Disfarmer Untitled, (formal young girl and grandmother standing with hands clasped in front of them), 1939-46.jpg Disfarmer Soldier with Two Girls in Polka Dot Dresses, 1940s.jpg Disfarmer Homer Eakers, Loy Neighbors, Julius Eakers, Brothers-in-law, 1945.jpg Disfarmer George and Ethel Gage with his mother Ida (center) and children Loretta, Ida, Ivory, Jessie and Leon; From the Heber Springs Portraits c_1939-46.jpg Disfarmer Festus and Violet Pettus with Walter Pettus and wife Thelma (backrow), Wendell, Marion and Joann (front row) 1945.jpg Disfarmer Edna Verser Cothren and Grandson Jerry Cothren, from the Heber Springs Portraits 1943.jpg Disfarmer Buel, Elbert and Jewell Haile, brothers; from the Heger Springs Portraits 1939-46.jpg Disfarmer Bonnie Dell Gardner, 1943.jpg Disfamer Untitled, (man standing in cowboy hat with woman in plad jacket), 1939-46.jpg Disfamer Euda Branston Hinesley and Eula Branston Hines twin sisters 1939-46.jpg Disfarmer Festus and Violet Pettus with Walter Pettus and wife Thelma (backrow), Wendell, Marion and Joann (front row) 1945.jpg Disfamer Dean Crawford and Son, from the Heber Springs Portraits, 1939-46.jpg